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Clot Busting Capsule for the treatment of ischemic stroke

A step closer to a safer and more effective way to treat a stroke or heart attack via nanotechnology.

  This new drug hijacks the body’s own blood stream to seek and destroy clots.

  This life saving treatment could be administered by paramedics in emergency conditions without the need for specialised equipment as is currently the case. 

  As soon as it has been established that the cause of the stroke is a clot (and not a bleed!), the nanotechnology capsule may be administered. It dissolves in the bloodstream, identifies the site of the clot and breaks open on contact with the blockage and releases the clot-busting agents which dissolves the platelets that form the blood clot.

  In preclinical trials, this thrombolytic drug is proving to be an effective treatment with no side-effects.

"Stroke victims need their brain blockages to be cleared quickly to restore blood flow and preserve function.
The anti-clotting drugs available now must be given within the 4½ hour window following a CAT scan to ensure that the cause is indeed a clot and not a haemorrhage."

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