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ARNI Profile

Action for rehabilitation from neurological injury (ARNI)

ARNI is a registered charity with 100% volunteers formed in response to the demand throughout the UK from stroke survivors, who state that they are ‘stuck in limbo’ after therapy comes to an end.

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LASER MyStrokeTherapy LASERActive LaserTugs

All about the Laser Active Campaign Initiative


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Botox treatment for post-stroke spasticity

Botox treatment for post-stroke spasticity

When introducing Botox as a therapy for a stroke survivor, we are talking about exactly the same chemical as the Botox that we have all heard about using to eliminate or reduce wrinkles! Using Botox for stroke therapy is aimed at stroke survivors who are living with paralysed limbs, to assist with soothing muscles that have become stiff and rigid.

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Clot Busting Capsule for the treatment of ischemic stroke

This technology has been designed and developed at Monash University Australia by senior research fellow Dr Christoph Hagemeyer at the Centre for Blood Diseases.

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Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) for Stroke Rehabilitation

Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) after stroke

What is it?
How will affect me as a stroke survivor?
Does it work?
How long does it take to see results?

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DIYStroke Definition, laseractive

Definition of DIYStroke

DIYStroke is a method for the Self-Management of Stroke Rehabilitation & Recovery

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Dr Tom Balchin Author of the Successful Stroke Survivor Founder of ARNI

Dr Tom Balchin Author of The Successful Stroke Survivor

Having survived a massive stroke aged just 21, he has gone on to formulate the latest techniques in the rehabilitation of stroke survivors throughout the UK. 

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Edward Tobinick pioneering use of Etanercept as a treatment for stroke survivors

Etanercept Stroke Treatment

The treatment consists of a spinal injection whilst upside-down to allow the drug to perfuse the brain. He has reported that he has detected some differences but no measurable improvement so far.

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Stroke treatment Fluoxetine 20 mg Capsules DIYStroke

Fluoxetine as an aid to stroke recovery

Fluoxetine keeps popping up as an aid in the treatment and recovery of stroke survivors. Here are some notes to assist you in considering if it might help in your rehabilitation.

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