LASER stands for and delivers 24/7 support for your LIFE AFTER STROKE EFFECTIVE REHABILITATION. At home, out and about and in your local leisure centre. Let’s help you walk again or improve your balance.

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STROKE TODAY was formed in 2015. We specialise in the provision of products and services for physical and mental exercise rehabilitation.

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Stroke Today is a community organisation serving stroke survivors and their family, friends and carers. Our flagship product known as LASER® stands for and delivers Life After Stroke Effective Rehabilitation. It enables you to self-manage your own rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home. This gives you 24/7 access to the therapies you need every day to make progress. Our mission is provide resources to the stroke community and trust that we can achieve 'A better tomorrow' for people who are forced to manage their own recovery. 


"I had an haemorraghic stroke in Autumn 2017. I spent a long time in hospital and was lucky to survive. After months of being in hospital, I finally returned home and received care in the community for five months. When this ended, I could bearly walk with a stick and had no ability with my affected arm.

Moving forward to now, I can walk over a mile unaided. I can use my arm to grasp objects. I am continuing to improve every day. I have no hesitation in recommending LASER stroke recovery to anyone on the long journey back to a more active life."

Stroke survivor, age 53, Winterbourne Minster

"I had an ischemic stroke in October 2017. I spent 5 weeks in hospital and then returned to recover at home. For three months I received excellent care from the North Somerset Community Program. When this stopped, my consultant advised my wife that I would not be able to walk again.

We didn't accept this advice and sought stroke rehabilitation at our local leisure centre. We have followed the LASER principles for over a year. I am now able to walk 100 yards with a stick and someone to keep an eye on me in case I should stumble.

I can now manoeuver around the house and becoming less dependent on my wife's care and support. I recommend LASER to anyone in a similar position to us."

Stroke Survivor, aged 76, Burnham-On-Sea

"I have been using LASER since the first release in October 2017. It enabled me to continue my recovery at home as the community care tapered off. It motivates me to do exercises each day which I know is so important. If I miss making an effort regularly I know I will deteriorate."

Stroke Survivor Aged 72 from Thornbury